Samantha Blount


I started Crossfit in January of 2011. In November of 2015 I opened CrossFit Bayou Bluffs after moving to Vicksburg come from a background in dance. I started dancing at age 3 and continued through college dancing at the collegiate and competitive level. After graduating from college I had the typical gym membership, but seldom used it. In 2011 I decided to join Dustin for a CrossFit workout and haven't looked back.

Before starting Crossfit I had almost no upper body strength. A lifetime of dance doesn't really lend itself to developing those muscles. Just about the only thing I could do the first time I walked through the doors of a CrossFit gym was squat below parallel. I couldn't do a push up correctly, I certainly couldn't do a pull up and about the only weight I could pick up was the training bar. CrossFit has been one of the biggest challenges of my life. It not only pushes me physically, but mentally as well. I use to wonder when the whole CrossFit thing would get easier and I have found that it doesn't really. You become comfortable with the movements and understand what you are doing and it's at that point you decide to push your boundaries. Since starting CrossFit I have competed in several local competitions and have run a couple of half and full marathons through Crossfit endurance  

Since beginning CrossFit I have become passionate about improving people's lives and showing that it is possible for anyone to take part in this sport. Coming from only a dance background I didn't begin CrossFit as an athletic person, but because of the way CrossFit is executed, everyone can do it. One great thing about CrossFit is that everything can be modified to your ability! We all need the same exercises. It's only the intensity that varies. 

I love seeing my athletes accomplish their goals, make lifestyle changes, and watching them do things day in and day out they thought would never be possible. 

In addition to coaching classes at CrossFit Bayou Bluffs I also offers personal programming, nutritional consults, and one on ones. I hold a Level 1 CrossFit Certificate.

Dustin Blount

Dustin started Crossfit in 2010 after spending a few years doing Ironman triathlons and marathons. It took one week of crossfit for me to fall in love with the training.

One of the most humbling experiences I had was coming right off an Ironman to Crossfit but I couldn't do a push up more than about 5 times. Couldn't do a pull-up and had to scale to the girls weights.  I could run, bike, swim real well but couldn't do much more than that. Picking up my kid was a chore.

After playing sports in college I needed that competitive drive and crossfit has helped fill that void. While competitiveness is good for me it isn't for everyone. One of the things I love most about CF is everyone from the 80yr old grandma to the 15 year old high school football player can do it. We get to change lives and not do it with gimmicks or fad diets. We change lives with functional fitness. That means movements you use in everyday life. IT IS FOR EVERYONE

Dustin Holds a CF level 1 cert and a CFE (crossfit endurance cert)

I also love pizza, cheeseburgers, and a beer or two...

Phillip Bailey

 I started my Crossfit journey in January of 2014 and it was one of the best decisions I could have made in my life. Coming from an athletic background, I have always been looking for that next thing to push me. I grew up playing tennis and after graduating college had no consistent outlet for my athletic endeavors. Having always been in a "traditional gym" in some form or fashion I began to feel stagnant and bored. 

My brother-in-law had recently joined a Crossfit box and was telling me about all his workouts, how it made him feel, and the great people he had met along the way. All of this sounded great, but what really peaked my interest was the community aspect of Crossfit. I had never worked out surrounded by people form all walks of life, just trying to be better and more fit for themselves and for their families. This idea of people coming together for a common goal of health and wellness has been the driving force for why I love my Crossfit community. Everyday I walk through those doors and see my friends and family I know that for at least an hour a day, we are in this fight together.

I have had many influences throughout my short life in Crossfit. Some of the best people and coaches around have taught me more about health, fitness, and life than I could ever imagine. One of the reasons I love coaching is because I get the opportunity to share with others all of the information that has been so graciously bestowed upon me. Tons of people out there get excited about big lift PRs, FINALLY getting double unders, or a faster Fran. And I do, don't get me wrong. But what I love most about being a coach is seeing that one member walk through that door day-in and day-out, good or bad, and just go to work. Real progress and a life-time of change days consistent hard work and that's what I love most about our members at Crossfit Bayou Bluffs.